Nottingham City Fencing Club

The following are some suggested competitions for club members for the 2012 - 2013 season. Entry forms can be found online or please feel free to ask the club secretary to provide a copy.

Fencing Senior Beginners (over 13)

 Competition Date  Notes 
 Nottingham City - Club Competition TBC Organised by Notts City
Adult Beginnersí and Intermediatesí Competition 11th February 2017

 East Midlands event
 Cornhill Cup Mixed Ability Steam Team Foil  TBC July 2017  Organised by Notts City

Fencing Juniors

Competition Date Notes
Wrexham LPJS Foil
East Midlands Youth Championships East Midlands event
Sherwood LPJS Foil
BYC Qualifiers East Midlands event

Intermediate/Advanced Seniors

Competition Date Notes
Bedford Open Epee
Coventry Open
Merseyside Open
EM Seniors Competition East Midlands event

Wheelchair Fencing

Competition Date Notes
BDFA National Championships Contact the BDFA for an entry form